Friday, July 18, 2008

I Can't Help Myself!

I know I said I'd post the winners on Monday, but seriously... why wait? You guys are probably as curious as I was to find out who won. Well, the results are in...

Our first place winner is photo #3! Congratulations Katie! (may want to give your MIL a huge hug)

Our second place winner (only 3 votes behind) is photo #4! Way to go Dari!

And third place goes to #5! Guess all that blogging and bribing worked. Congrats Amanda!

Fourth place was only 5 votes behind, and went to #1. Entry #2 was only 4 votes behind the fourth place winner. This was such a close race and I want to make sure everyone knows I stuck to the rules. A couple of votes came in after the 12:00 deadline, and a few votes that were put in the comment section on my blog; these were NOT counted in the tally. Thank you all for participating, and I will be contacting the winners shortly.

1 comment:

Queen of the house! said...

how did #6 not win...that was an awesome pic??? well I loved it anyway!


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